Art Show


Babetown was a fully immersive gallery experience at Wieden + Kennedy and an experiment in

non linear, holistic, and environmental storytelling. It was created with illustrator Nick Stokes and producer Amanda Claire.

Babetown tells the story of a place that never existed in a time that never existed, though certain details recall the grit and glamour of 80s New York. A luxury store sells designer dimebags across the street from holy "Mad Donna's Discount Wine and Liquor." Political characters reappear on signage around the city, and a Babetown's "most wanted" list tells the story of who's on the run.

The show consisted of five life-sized mural storefronts with added 3D elements, and hundreds of posters and stickers. Environmental props including a phone booth, mailbox, neon signs, benches, and ATM machine brought realistic city elements to the space. We created Babetown-branded 40oz rosé bottles, as well as a full selection of merchandise including t-shirts, votive candles, stickers, and postcards. Everything produced helped tell the story of our imaginary city.


We partnered with 20 international female designers to create custom posters for the show, and donated proceeds to Rock 'N' Roll Camp for girls, a local non-profit teaching young girls music and confidence. The opening night included live tattooing, hair braiding, and a live DJ, resulting in the most successful gallery show turnout W+K has had to date.



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